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LegalPad HD

4.3 ( 9683 ratings )
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开发 Jonathan Wilder
0.99 USD

Price drop through this weekend!! Only 99 cents USD! Then back to 1.99! Take advantage, all we aak is to send us your ideas on how to improve! Version 1.7 coming next Monday. Already in testing, includes pencil size slider!

Take advantage of the large HD form factor of the iPad by using your device as a yellow legal pad. Just like you would take notes on a standard ruled notebook, you can now use your iPad in the same way. Virtual keyboards are great, but at times you just need to jot notes down quickly on a pad of paper.

With this great application youre able to simply use your finger as the pen, and the iPad as the pad of paper. Store up to 100 pages of notes, a simple yet robust application which fully takes advantage of the unique capabilities of the iPad. A must have application for those on the go, or people who simply want to take quick notes.

This application is a real jaw dropper, it takes full advantage of the revolutionary form factor of the iPad. Flick through pages with the arrow keys at the top of the application, take multiple pages of written notes without the need for a pen or actual pad of paper! Hugely useful in school, offices or just to keep notes around at home (grocery lists etc).